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barclays plc The Asian Apprenticeship Awards 2019

Winner 2016 : Barclays PLC

BARCLAYS Plc is one of the biggest names in global banking.

It is also committed to employing apprentices and so proving that they have a big role to play in training the next generation of financial services employees.

Four years ago Barclays had just 12 apprentices across the country and now it has 3,000 in the UK.

This level of commitment to promoting apprenticeships won Barclays the Employer award in the Financial, Legal and Professional Services category at the first ever Asian Apprenticeship Awards.

Barclays took the award at the end of a gala evening to celebrate the very best of apprentices from the British Asian community.

The awards have been established to encourage more young British Asians to take up apprenticeships. Apprentices are vital to future economic prosperity but there is an under representation of Asians taking up apprenticeships and this needs to change.

In order to inspire others the Asian Apprenticeship Awards showcase the very best apprentices from this community.

Safaraz Ali of the Pathway Group and founder of the Asian Apprenticeship Awards said that the involvement of a company like Barclays is very important.

“This is a clear demonstration that apprentices have a big part to play in professional services including the financial sector and that big companies like Barclays recognise that they are important,” said Safaraz Ali.