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Susanna Lawson

Susanna started her career as a psychology graduate from the University of Manchester, and went on to work with adults with learning difficulties. Susanna then had to complete a NVQ in care to prove her practical competencies – and her involvement in vocational training began. After completing her NVQ levels 2 and 3, she soon moved up the ranks, and was appointed the National Contract Manager for an independent training provider, overseeing 1,000 apprentices across the UK. Throughout her journey she witnessed huge inefficiencies at every stage of the sector, and together with her partner decided to build a solution: OneFile. 11 years later, OneFile is now the leading eportfolio software in the educational sector. By developing the latest innovations in paperless technology, OneFile has generated unprecedented efficiencies across the sector – from 84% savings in paper and printing, to over 1,000% returns on investment. Susanna continues to be an ambassador for the educational training sector, helping organisations prepare for the upcoming legislative changes and supporting apprentices within her own business.