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moe The Asian Apprenticeship Awards 2019

Our Keynote Speaker – Moe Nawaz

A MAN who serves as a mentor to FTSE Top 100 companies will be sharing some of the secrets of success at the first ever Asian Apprenticeship Awards.

Moe Nawaz will be the keynote speaker at the first awards to be staged at a gala evening at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham on Thursday, November 10.

The awards are intended to encourage more young people from an Asian background to consider apprenticeships.

It is a route into training and work in which the Asian community is underrepresented and has an important part of play in achieving the Government’s objective of getting three million apprentices by 2020.

Moe Nawaz is a mentor and strategic advisor to FTSE 100 companies; author, speaker and founder of non-profit trusts, ‘Feeding Millions’ and ‘The Penny Meal.’

He provides support and encouragement to accelerate progress and sustainability.

Moe offers executive mentorship and consultancy to entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders.

He works on a global basis and has clients in America, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Iran, China, Russia India, Italy and France.

Moe believes that within any organisation the greatest asset are people who are the key to success.

“We are fortunate to have a keynote speaker who can draw on the experience gained with top businesses all over the world to inspire and inform the apprentices that will be the next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Safaraz Ali, the founder of the Asian Apprenticeship Awards.