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CBI become supporters of The Asian Apprenticeship Awards

We are delighted to announce that the CBI has agreed to support the Asian Apprenticeship Awards. The two will co-operate to promote the apprenticeship diversity of organisations in the UK.

The CBI represent 190,000 businesses of all sizes across the UK at regional, national and international level. They provide businesses with the influence, insight and access they need to plan ahead with confidence and grow. They represent businesses’ views with policymakers to deliver a healthy environment for businesses to succeed, create jobs and ultimately, drive economic growth and prosperity.

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General for the CBI said:

“The Asian Apprenticeship Awards, now in their second year, are a great way to celebrate the talent and diversity of learners in our country. With diversity increasingly seen as a key driver of high performance in businesses, it is vitally important that the great careers that apprenticeships offer are available to every community and seen as important. The awards help us to celebrate success and build the reputation of apprenticeships as a fantastic option for any young person.”

Neil Carberry, Director for Skills and Employablity and Skills said:

“Apprenticeships offer a route to a great career – often in sectors where firms are struggling to hire skilled people. The 2nd Asian Apprenticeship Awards are a fantastic way to celebrate the success of work-based learning and emphasise the opportunities that are on offer to young people. And, with diversity a vital issue for British business, there has never been a better time to emphasise that the door to opportunity is open to people from all our communities. Best of luck from the CBI to all applicants!”

Commenting on the new partnership, Isa Mutlib, Project Director for The Asian Apprenticeship Awards said:

“It is great to have the CBI on board as partners and supports for the awards. This new partnership will allow us to share our mission and rationale to a whole new audience to raise the awareness of British Asian Apprentices, their Employers and Learning Providers.”

The 2nd Asian Apprenticeship Awards is set to take place on the 2nd November 2017. To make any nominations, please visit www.asianapprenticeshipawards.co.uk